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Month: January 2019

Development Finance -Private Money. A better deal than Bank Funding in this scenario

By Llew Leeming, Head of Development & Investment Finance at PCL Money Last week we settled a Private Money Development Finance loan for an old client and friend of mine. We also worked in collaboratively with my Client’s accountant as part of a collegial ‘value chain’. The Value Chain is an enduring legacy from my…
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APRA just relaxed lending quotas for Australian housing investors

APRA has announced it will remove the 10% annual cap on investor housing credit growth for some lenders. It expects ADIs to develop internal limits on lending at very high debt-to-income levels, and policy limits on maximum debt-to-income levels for individual borrowers. Restrictions on interest-only mortgage lending introduced in March last year will also remain…
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Why are things slowing down?

There has been a slowdown in the buying of family homes and investment in commercial and residential property in Australia. The level of new businesses has decreased. This is because we have an increased level of uncertainty in the Australian economy at the moment. People traditionally are less inclined to invest if there are perceived…
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